2021 Burt Munro - 30th Jul 2020

2021 Burt Munro

Book your leave, start that maintenance on your bike, get those odd jobs around house ticked off, and join us at the Burt!
The Challenge is back for the 15th year from 10-14 February 2021!!
Competitor and spectator passes will go live 1st October.

CT125 Hunter Cab is coming to NZ - 27th Jul 2020

CT125 Hunter Cab is coming to NZ We look back to Honda’s classic CT series, a model that’s delivered plenty joy to people’s lives for decades; Here is some more info about the legend. $6,695 Ex Gst The CT125 offers far more than what you expect.
The new CT125 is certainly CT110 inspired.
With a 125cc, 1-cyl, 4-stroke engine, electric Start, ABS, LED lighting and a digital display, the CT125 is an ode to the postie of old, for a weekend cruise or as a commuter, or like how we know it as a legend of a farm bike – its nostalgic charm is certain to turn heads anywhere it goes.
The CT125’s engine output characteristics focus on versatility. Offering a powerful dynamism of the mid/low speed range; 
The CT125 adopts its own exclusive intake and exhaust system, in which the positioning of the air cleaner and muffler has been changed from those of the other current Super Cub series models. This enables the tuning of the exhaust duct calibre and shape with a longer intake length provided, and thus ensures an articulate pulse of the vehicle and makes the throttle really easy-to-use.
The CT125 is equipped with disc brakes for both front and rear wheels. With the adoption of A 220mm disc for the front and 190mm for the rear, offer adequate braking power even when you’ve got luggage on the back. There is also front wheel anti-lock brake system (ABS) for added safety.
The CT125 chassis has been designed to adapt to a broader variety of situations and a broad variety of riders. It’s based on the common Super Cub chassis package, so its nimble and easily controlled but with an increased wheel base, seat height and upswept handlebar.
Thanks to the CT125s large rear carry rack, the rear frame has been extended, by ensuring that the new head pipe and its surroundings have been reinforced, as well as focusing on the improvement of stability while riding.
The CT125 provides enhanced traveling and cornering stability with the adoption of the same type of top bridge and telescopic suspension commonly used for a regular motorcycle.
Paint coating has been applied to the steel rims and stainless-steel spokes on both front and rear wheels.

4.95% Interest Offer - 22nd Jun 2020

4.95% Honda Finance

Purchase a new Honda ATV, Side by Side, or Two-wheel Farm Bike at only 4.95% Interest when you finance any of the below products for a limited time:

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COVID19 UPDATE Brent Scammell Honda - 25th Mar 2020

COVID 19 Dear Brent Scammell Honda Clients,
We are just letting you know that the government has listed us as an essential service provider.
What this means:

  1. We have 1 parts person available to supply parts, you need to call Brent on 2367993 or 0274 338649 if no reply please leave a message on the mobile and we will process your order & have it sitting at the back door of our parts department for you to collect.
  2. We will have 1 mechanic on call in our workshop for urgent break downs, please have your bike cleaned & we will endeavour to sort. Please book in on 027433 8649 On arrival please toot your horn at our workshop to notify our mechanic that you are here. 
Please keep away from our staff & we will do our best to sort your motorcycle.
If you require a new or s/hand motorcycle to get you through please also call Brent on 0274 338649 and he will be able to work with you to get this sorted.
We look forward to getting this next month behind us; we will do our best to keep your motorcycle in working order when needed. We will adjust our staff levels where needed also.

Regards Maria & Brent Scammell

2020 Farm Jam - 3rd Feb 2020

Honda caps from Brent Scammell Honda - Giveaways Thanks to the Rock for giving away the freebies from Brent Scammell Honda at the 2020 Farm Jam.  Happy kids and families by the look of the photos!


The 2020 Farm Jam in New Zealand’s South Island saw riders defy the elements to put on a memorable show for the 10th running of the iconic two-wheeled action sports event.
Despite high winds tearing across the southern hills, some of the world’s best riders took center stage and put on a show for the 3000-strong spectators who crowded the rolling hillsides.
The gales forced the freestyle motocross contest to be cancelled, with final results taken from Friday’s media-only freeride day; an afternoon where riders take to the rolling hills and judge each other on their skills and ability to adapt to a range of different features.
As a result, Californian freeride legend and X Games gold medallist Tyler Bereman came away with the win, with local teenage sensation Ben Wilson in second and fellow Kiwi Caleb De Lacy in third.
At his second appearance at the Farm Jam, Bereman was full of praise for the unique event. “This an event that’s really built by riders for riders. The vibe’s insane and it doesn’t matter who did what, everyone had a damn good time and I can’t thank the Frew family enough for their continued support of the action sports scene.”
The BMX and mountain-bike contests saw a reduced number of brave riders battle the winds and throw down their best tricks on the meticulously-sculpted dirt jumps.
Cambridge’s Paul Langlands was voted as having the run of the BMXers, while Canadian legend Brett Rheeder and Australian Mike Ross tied for the best mountain-bike run.
“This was my first time to the Farm Jam and I’ve never ridden an event like it,” explained Rheeder. “It’s great having a contest where it feels like you’re having an awesome time with your friends and still putting it on the line for the fans. It’s a one-of-a-kind event.”
Considering the weather conditions, Farm Jam organizers Dan and Brett Frew were satisfied with how the day’s proceedings and the willingness of the athletes to make the most of the opportunity and give the vocal spectators a great show.
“Weather-wise we’ve had a great run over the past 13 years. It was disappointing we couldn’t showcase each sport to its full potential, but we certainly made the most of the cards we were dealt,” says Brett. “The willingness for the boys to still go out and ride even in the dicey conditions was exciting and both the crowd and riders really got into it. At the end of the day, that’s what the spirit of the Farm Jam is all about.”
The next Farm Jam will be held in early 2022 at the same venue in Winton, New Zealand.
For more information, photos, videos, and updates follow @farm_jam on Instagram, and “Like” Southern Freeriders and Farm Jam on Facebook.

About the Farm Jam
The Farm Jam began in 2008 on the Frew brothers’ 2,600-acre sheep farm in Otapiri Gorge, Southland, NZ. From its humble beginnings, it has rapidly grown into a bucket-list event for two-wheeled action-sports athletes, attracting some of the world’s biggest names in BMX, FMX, and MTB. The “jam” formats see each sport judged solely by the riders, with significant emphasis placed on judging riders from other disciplines. Thousands of spectators flock to the highly-anticipated event that was held annually until 2014.

KNOW YOUR HONDA - 16th Jan 2020

Brent Scammell Honda Logo


Knowing your motorcycle and keeping it in optimal condition will not only help you ride better, it will also keep you safer and ensure your bike has a longer life. Ongoing maintenance is key and there are heaps of things you can do with minimal effort. 

Your Owner’s Manual should have basic guidelines for scheduled servicing of specific components which should always be adhered to. But getting into the habit of checking your bike before every ride to make sure everything is working as it should be is also a great idea. 

If and when something needs attention, make sure you contact your local Honda dealer to get it sorted. Authorised Blue Wing Honda dealers are trained and educated through the Honda Academy and their technical staff use appropriate diagnostic tools to keep your Honda running and performing at its best, plus they only sell genuine Honda parts.

Here’s a basic checklist our team has put together, for both pre-and-post ride checks.

  • Tyres - Is the air pressure and tread what they should be? Are the wheel nuts tight and rims all ok?
  • Brakes & Clutch - Check if they’re working smoothly, and that the positioning/adjustment is how you want it
  • Cables & Controls - Are the throttle and control cables (i.e. brakes, clutch, engine stop, lights) operating smoothly? 
  • Lights - Are all the lights on your bike (i.e. brake, head/tail lights, turn indicators) working as they should be? 
  • Fuel & Oil - Have you got enough gas in the tank? Is there enough oil and has it been changed recently?
  • Chain - Does the chain have the proper tension and is it clean and lubricated?
  • Stands - Is your bike's stand operating freely and without binding? Do the springs hold them up properly when not in use?

​​​​​​​With over 50 Honda dealerships located in key farming locations around New Zealand you can rest assured that when you own a Honda you will be able to get assistance when you need it. We at Brent Scammell Honda are always engaged with their local community and understand the unique requirements of their local region. We have trained technicians who can look after every aspect of your motorcycle servicing and maintenance. It is important that you conduct your own safety checks and equally important that your bike is serviced regularly and according to schedule. Keeping your bike maintained can be a huge contributor to your safety.

If you have any questions regarding motorcycle maintenance, please contact the Service Department at Brent Scammell Honda +64 3 2367993
Genuine People. Genuine Product. Genuine Service.

2020 CRF 250R NEW - 5th Oct 2019

2020 CRF 250R NEW Introduction
The CRF250R gets a host of important updates for 2020, including engine enhancements aimed at bettering low-to-midrange power, and chassis revisions that improve handling. To increase torque and improve driveability, the cam profile is new, the combustion chamber is reshaped, and the exhaust resonator has been removed. At the same time, manoeuvrability has been improved through a lighter frame and swingarm with optimised flex characteristics, along with a lower battery position and internal front-and-rear suspension updates.

* New cam profile delays opening of exhaust valves and has reduced valve overlap, resulting in improved torque and power in the 6,000-10,000 rpm range.
* Optimised combustion-chamber shape.
*Ignition timing is optimised at 8,000 rpm for improved torque and power.
*Gear-position sensor added to allow dedicated ignition maps for each gear.
* Header-pipe resonator is removed for improved power character when shifting from second to third gear. * Muffler is revised for improved low-to-midrange torque.
* New air-filter element is 10% larger for increased airflow.
* Enlarged left-side radiator for efficient cooling with higher engine-power output.
* Second gear has revised (higher) ratio for improved drive, while second and third gears have a new WPC
surface treatment for improved durability and reduced friction.
* Clutch capacity is increased by 18%, and clutch spring has a higher rate.
* New lighter aluminium perimeter frame and aluminium swingarm are designed to achieve increased yaw-angle stiffness while retaining lateral and torsional stiffness, resulting in improved stability.
* Newly shaped footpegs are 20% lighter and shed mud more easily, giving the rider great feel and confidence in all riding conditions.
* Thanks in part to revised internal suspension settings (fork has increased lowspeed damping, while shock has increased low-speed compression and reduced high-speed compression), handling has been improved in the following areas: stability, tracking, turning and traction.
* Battery repositioned 28mm lower to drop centre of gravity for better handling.
* Rear brake has a shorter hose and longer, lighter pedal, as well as a new pad material with improved power and better durability in muddy conditions. Lowerrear brake guard removed for reduced unsprung weight and improved cooling.

* Low centre of gravity reduces front-end lift for strong acceleration performance.
* Lightweight and compact 6.3 Litre titanium tank keeps weight to a minimum.
* Lightweight front-brake caliper uses pistons of different diameters (30mm and 27mm) for strong braking performance.
* Front brake hose resists expansion for precise braking.
* Renthal® Fatbar® reduces weight of the steering system, and flexes for optimal comfort.
* Top triple clamp features two handlebar-holder locations for moving the handlebar rearward and forward by 26mm, ensuring rider comfort. When holder is turned 180 degrees, the handlebar can be moved an additional 10mm from the base position, resulting in four total unique riding positions.
* Black rims deliver a strong presence on and off the track.
* Smooth bodywork layout eases rider movement.
* In-mold graphics are durable and resistant to peeling caused by washing or abrasion.
* Geomax MX3S tires, exclusively available through Honda, for superior bump absorption and grip in wide variety of conditions.

* High-performance, DOHC, 249cc single-cylinder engine with dual-overhead-cam design and high rev limit, offering great performance.
* Finger rocker arms with Diamond Like Coating (DLC) maximise valve lift while retaining a low engine height. * Downdraft intake layout produces strong power and enables great throttle response by reducing resistance, thereby improving air-charging efficiency.
* 44mm throttle body provides ideal low-rpm intake airflow for strong corner-exit performance.
* Piston oil jet uses five nozzle holes for efficient piston-cooling and minimised knocking, enabling a precise ignition-timing setting for optimum power delivery.
* Electric-start standard for easy, fast engine startup.
* Easily selectable Standard, Smooth, and Aggressive riding modes enable simple tuning depending on rider preference or course conditions.
* Selectable HRC launch control provides a steady stream of torque for excellent performance on race starts.


In store Now! NEW CRF 250F - 21st May 2019

In store Now!  NEW CRF 250F Introduction
Increased displacement, more power and better stability enhance the confidence-inspiring nature of the all-new flagship of the CRF Recreational Line and bring performance gains that also make this a great platform for advanced riders. The CRF250F brings an all-new 250cc four-valve engine with Keihin electronic fuel injection for increased power. Its tubular steel frame brings improved handling—a benefit that will be appreciated by all riders. More torque and a linear power delivery mean new riders can learn at lower, less intimidating rpm, and advanced off-roaders can utilize the strong torque in technical sections. The smooth low-end power blends seamlessly into a stronger midrange and top end, and the increase in torque at all rpm results in fewer shifts so that riders can focus more on trail challenges. The mass-centralisation philosophy of the CRF is carried over to this trail model, with the muffler positioned closer to the centre of mass. The result is a lighter feel, intuitive responsiveness, and confidence-inspiring handling, especially on corner entrances. The Pro-Link® rear suspension system puts the smooth power to the ground, and the Showa 41mm fork works with the new frame's steering geometry to provide maximum front-wheel traction. Braking is handled with new petal-style rotors for improved modulation, heat transfer and mud clearing, and the CRF Performance Line-inspired aggressive, compact bodywork allows improved rider/machine interface. Hot or cold, stored in the garage or stopped on the bad line up a challenging hill, the CRF250F's EFI and electric starter fire up the engine with the touch of a button, and there are no carburettor circuits to clog with fuel residue if the bike sits for extended periods. The new, 6 Litre fuel tank enables good range and is protected between the frame spars in the event of a fall, and the integrated fuel pump includes a low-fuel sensor with a handlebarmounted indicator. Add it all up, and the all-new CRF250F is more bike, for more riders.

 All-new 250cc overhead-cam engine.
 All-new Keihin electronically controlled fuel injection systems delivers more linear power and easy start-up whether bike has been sitting or is hot on the trail.
 All-new tubular steel frame for a stable, nimble chassis.
 CRF Performance Line philosophy of mass centralization applied to vehicle packaging.
 New 41mm fork, plus Pro-Link rear-suspension system with single shock.
 Front and rear hydraulic brakes with petal-style rotors for improved heat dissipation.
 Handlebar-mounted low-fuel and "key on" indicator lights.
 CRF Performance Line-inspired muffler with compact positioning.
 CRF Performance Line-inspired bodywork and graphics.

 The 250cc SOHC engine returns with smoother, more linear power delivery.
 Five -speed gearbox is well matched to the broad power spread.
 Electric starter makes getting going a breeze

Styling and Chassis
 833mm seat height.
 Wheel sizes of 21 and 18 inches front and rear, respectively.
 The 41mm fork provides plush front-suspension action.
 Pro-Link® rear-suspension design with sophisticated single shock for consistent action.
 Smooth stopping power provided by front and rear hydraulic brakes, with 240mm and 220mm rotors,             respectively.
 Front brake lever is adjustable to work with varying hand sizes.
 Styling follows that of the race-winning CRF Performance Line. Performance Line

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