2020 Honda CRF450 LL


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Year Built2020
Body TypeMotorbike - Off Road
Engine Size450cc
A true dual-purpose motorcycle should be many things; off-road it needs to be
light weight, with quality suspension and handling ability that keeps life easy as
the going gets harder. Its engine has to make good power and torque from the
bottom up the sort that is supremely usable, allowing the rider to find all the
rear wheel grip possible, whatever the terrain.
All the attributes that make the CRF450L a great, fun off-road also enable it to be
really useful around town; narrow and nimble, a dual-purpose machine slips
through gaps, soaks up the hits from rough roads and stays well ahead of traffic
thanks to smart, low-gear acceleration. It also needs to be turn-key reliable, with
sensible intervals between major service work.
It is unmistakably a race-bred CRF and looks it but with the additions and
modifications needed to make it both road legal and supremely useable in a trail
environment. As such, the CRF450L is a complete package, as happy roosting
trails as it is linking them up on-road. And with Honda engineering and build
quality at its core, is sure to do so for years to come.
Demo model available.
Brent Scammell Honda, 325 Great North Road Winton 9720, Southland
Phone: 03 236 7993 Fax: 0274 338649
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